Rep. Rick Nolan Tells Obama to 'Man Up', Fire Someone For Health Care Rollout


President Obama should “man up” and fire someone for the bumpy Affordable Care Act rollout, Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan said Wednesday.

In an interview with Associated Press, Nolan insisted that Obama find out who was responsible for tumultuous launch, though he himself had no suggestions.

“I feel that the people responsible for this did a terrible disservice to the Affordable Care Act and to the president by allowing this thing to go forward when they knew it wasn't ready,” Nolan said.

A growing number of congress members have called for Obama to point fingers at the person responsible for the glitches, including Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and Sen. Bill Nelson. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and Sen. Pat Roberts have suggested that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius be fired.

Sebelius’ decision to leave Washington this week to promote the Health Care Act caused an uproar among those who called for her dismissal, with Republicans complaining that she had not explained the glitches or proposed how to fix them.

As the public face of the launch, Sebelius seems like an easy target. However, an anonymous spokesperson close to Sebelius and the White House reported that she may not have had much involvement in the site’s technical development.

“Kathleen has the title, but she doesn’t have the responsibility or in many respects the kind of wide authority and access to the president that she really needs to make a difference,” the spokesperson said. “Everybody thinks that she’s the driving force, but unfortunately she’s not.”

White House Chief of Staff David McDonough has since asserted the president’s confidence in her work.

Sources: TPM, NY Times


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