Rep. Renee Ellmers Refuses to Accept Obamacare's Success in Kentucky (Video)


In a bizarre moment of total denial, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) repeatedly insisted this morning on CNN that Obamacare had “completely failed” even when confronted by clip after clip of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D) explaining how Obamacare has helped the people in his state.

CNN host Carol Costello played clips of Governor Beshear praising Obamacare and the state-operated exchange, Kynect, noted (video below).

“We’re signing up people at roughly a thousand a day. It’s a great rate and a great success so far,” said Gov. Beshear.

In response, Rep. Ellmers questioned whether Gov. Beshear was telling the truth.

“I’m not exactly sure it is working in Kentucky,” claimed Rep. Ellmers.

Costello then asked, “So the governor when he says he’s signing up 1,000 people a day and wants to get the 640,000 people in Kentucky insure, he’s just saying that for political purposes?”

Rep. Ellmers dodged the question and stated, “Let’s look at again the grand scheme of things. It is a failure at monumental levels.”

Costello responded, “But you’re discounting everything that the Kentucky governor is saying. Instead of sitting down with him and saying, governor, let’s talk and figure this out together. Let’s figure out what’s political in what you’re saying. You’re discounting what he has to say outright.”

After dodging the question again, Rep. Ellmers tried to question Costello’s state of mind.

“You’re getting awfully angry about this situation!” stated Rep. Ellmers.

The Daily Beast recently reported the numbers that Rep. Ellmers refused to acknowledge:

And while the federal launch of the program has been plagued with technical difficulties, Kentucky’s experience has been exemplary: In its first day, 10,766 applications for health coverage were initiated, 6,909 completed and 2,989 families were enrolled. Obama himself bragged that Kentucky led the nation with its glitch-minimized performance.

Last month, Gov. Beshear wrote in an op-ed in The New York Times about the urgent need for health care in his state:

Lack of health coverage puts their health and financial security at risk. They roll the dice and pray they don’t get sick. They choose between food and medicine. They ignore checkups that would catch serious conditions early. They put off doctor’s appointments, hoping a condition turns out to be nothing. And they live knowing that bankruptcy is just one bad diagnosis away.

 So, to those more worried about political power than Kentucky’s families, I say, “Get over it.” The Affordable Care Act was approved by Congress and sanctioned by the Supreme Court. It is the law of the land. Get over it... and get out of the way so I can help my people. Here in Kentucky, we cannot afford to waste another day or another life.

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