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Rep. Phil Roe Opposes Obamacare Because His Wife is 'Fixed' (Video)

Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., said today that the ACA should not require insurance companies to provide reproductive coverage for women, because he and his wife have been “fixed,” a phrase that usually refers to male dogs that have been neutered.

According to (video below), Roe told the Heritage Foundation’s Conservative Policy Summit, “I have been fixed, my wife has been fixed.”

“Both of us have determined if we thought we had to raise another kid right now, we would jump off the capitol, head-first into the parking lot, face-first," said Roe. "You got the idea, [we] don’t want any more kids.”

Roe complained that the ACA requires him to buy a policy with pediatric dental and vision coverage, as well as female reproductive coverage.

“Of which, I don’t need any,” Roe said. “And those are the reasons you buy, with a health savings account and a catastrophic policy, what you and your family need.”

He failed to mention that all insurance plans, even pre-ACA ones, have included coverage that not everyone uses. Nor did he complain about his taxes paying for public schools, which he has no use for, either.

However, preventive care is far more cheaper than catastrophic care, which can often be avoided if one has preventive care.

Roe did not mention that a health savings account only includes the money that people can afford to put into it, and these days 76 percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck with little, if any, money to save, noted CNN in 2013.

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