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Rep. Paul Ryan Received Social Security Benefits at 16, But Now Wants Cuts in the Program

GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan often talks about cutting government entitlement programs, but has not mentioned that he received Social Security payments after his 55-year-old father died from a heart attack.

When Ryan was 16, he began receiving Social Security benefits, which he saved to pay for college. Ryan stopped receiving benefits when he was 18 years old, reports

Ironically, Ryan has proposed cutting Social Security and Pell Grants, which help college students go to college today.

Undernews reported: "Without this benefit, his mother would have had to make even tougher decisions and Representative Paul Ryan may not have been able to pay for his college education."

According to the, Ryan proposed cutting and partly privatizing Social Security benefits: "The cuts would affect about 70 percent of all Social Security beneficiaries, including everyone who earns above $22,000."


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