Rep. Paul Broun Wants President Obama Impeached (Video)

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) indicated his support for the impeachment of President of the United States on Saturday during a debate hosted by the Gilmer County GOP and Gilmer County Tea Party.

During the debate, an unidentified woman asked several GOP candidates for Georgia's US Senate Seat whether or not they would support impeaching President Obama, noted ABC News (video below).

The woman claimed that President Obama "has perjured himself on multiple occasions," but did not name any example in which the president lied under oath, which is perjury.

“Clinton was impeached for perjury. Obama has perjured himself on multiple occasions. Would you support impeachment if presented for a vote?” the woman asked.

Rep. Broun raised his hand, as did candidates Eugene Yu and Derrick Grayson, but Karen Handel and Art Gardner did not.

Rep. Broun later told The Daily Caller, "If House leadership brought an impeachment vote before the floor, then there would certainly be good reason for doing so, with substantive information and evidence to impeach the President,”

“With the President repeatedly bypassing Congress through executive order, lying to the American people on Obamacare, and failing to address what really happened in Benghazi, I can understand why this would be an important issue to many Georgians right now," added Rep. Broun.

"What I don’t understand, is how a candidate can claim to be a proven conservative, and yet if such a resolution was brought up for a vote, they would oppose it,” stated Rep. Broun.

Rep. Broun did not mention how it was illegal for President Obama to use an executive order or that Obama has used fewer executive orders than any other president in the past 100 years, reported TalkingPointsMemo.com.

Rep. Broun also failed to specifically mention any of Obama's supposed lies about Obamacare or Benghazi.

Sources: ABC News, The Daily Caller, TalkingPointsMemo.com


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