Rep. Paul Broun Brags About Killing, Eating Exotic Animals (Video)

During a recent interview with the National Review, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) bragged about the various exotic animals he has killed, some of which now decorate his office.

“If I shoot it, I’m gonna eat it,” said Rep. Broun. “I had roast warthog. It was cooked in a French style. I’m a French cook myself, and I like to cook things with some fancy sauces and stuff that I’ll make at home. That was excellent.”

Rep. Broun added that the lion he killed “wasn’t particularly tasty. It was kind of chewy, but I ate it too."

Rep. Broun has spoken out more than once about choosing to kill and eat exotic animals.

“I’ve eaten everything that’s in here,” Rep. Broun told RollCall.com in 2010 (video below). “This lion came from Zimbabwe. After eating this animal, the natives called me Boss Mashumba, which means Boss Lion. They had never seen a guy come and actually eat a lion. It’s not very good.”

“It was the Second Amendment and hunting that started the process of my understanding what the Constitution is all about and what we have lost in the way of freedom. And I’m here to try to restore it.”

Rep. Broun did not mention any specific freedoms that have supposedly been lost.

Sources: National Review and RollCall.com


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