Rep. Mike Rogers Claims Privacy Isn't Violated if Victim Is Unaware of Violation (Video)


Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) used some bizarre logic yesterday during a NSA hearing.

He claimed that if people don't know that their privacy is being violated, then their privacy is not being violated, noted

Of course, if the law really worked that way, men would not be arrested and charged for secretly spying on unknowing women while they undressed.

According to, Rep. Rogers, who is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed that if people aren't aware they are being spied on then "somebody must be doing something exactly right" (video below).

"I would argue the fact that we haven’t had any complaints come forward with any specificity arguing that their privacy has been violated, clearly indicates, in ten years, clearly indicates that something must be doing right," said Rep. Rogers. "Somebody must be doing something exactly right."

"But who would be complaining?" asked Stephen Vladeck, Professor of Law and the Associate Dean for Scholarship at American University Washington College of Law.

"Somebody who’s privacy was violated," claimed Rep. Rogers. "You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated."

"I disagree with that," countered Vladeck. "If a tree falls in the forest, it makes a noise whether you’re there to see it or not."

Rep. Rogers could not cite one U.S. law to back up his anti-privacy claim.



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