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Rep. Mike Rogers Claims Edward Snowden is Working with Russia

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) has previously claimed that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is working with the Russian government because Snowden was granted asylum in Russia, after being turned down by numerous other countries that reportedly caved into U.S. pressure and denied him entry.

However, the NSA and FBI have denied Rep. Roger's past accusations about Snowden being a Russian spy, reports

But that didn't stop Rep. Rogers from recently claiming that Snowden is working with Russia, again.

"The NSA contractor is definitely under the influence of Russian officials," Rep. Rogers told TIME magazine. "We know that he was in China, Hong Kong anyway, and in Russia today. We have seen patterns and activities that lead us to believe that some or all of that information is being worked through by those intelligence services and putting the U.S. at risk."

However, once again, Rep. Rogers failed to provide any evidence of his claim, but added, "I think people have wrongly given him some elevated status, and he has some kind of an underground rock-star status. He’s a traitor who puts our soldiers lives at risk."

Snowden's fame is hardly underground, there has been worldwide support for Snowden from various countries, major news publications and progressive organizations. Lawmakers in Norway nominated Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize, reported CNN earlier this year.

"Remember we have other classified ways as well," said Rep. Rogers. "That’s why no counterintelligence official does not believe that today he’s under the influence."

However, no other counterintelligence officials has made publicly made this claim.

Sources:, TIME, CNN


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