Rep. Michele Bachmann is Re-Elected in Tight Race


Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has become famous [or infamous] for making false claims and accusations, has defeated Democratic challenger Jim Graves in a tight race.

This year, Rep. Bachmann has falsely claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood had “deep penetration” within the State Department, HPV vaccines could cause "mental retardation" and Obamacare included "death panels."

Both CNN and the Associated Press have called the race for Rep. Bachmann, who said in a statement: “It has truly been an honor and a privilege to represent the people of Minnesota’s sixth district in Congress, and I am humbled that they have placed their trust in me for another term.”

The Center for Responsive Politics reported that the race between Rep. Bachmann and Graves was the most expensive House race in the country, with the candidates spending $20.8 million and raising $22.7 million. Rep. Bachmann outspent Graves by more than 12 to one.

Rep. Bachmann also ran for president earlier this year, but had to drop out due to low numbers.


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