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Rep. Michele Bachmann Falsely Claims Obama Wants Iran to Have Nuclear Bomb (Audio)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) falsely claimed last week on "The Lars Larson Show" that President Obama wants Iran to develop a nuclear bomb.

Rep. Bachmann offered no actual evidence of her claim (audio below).

She first bashed Wendy Sherman, the U.S. State Department’s negotiator with Iran, noted

Rep. Bachmann claimed that Sherman's “goal is to make sure that Iran has full ability to continue to enrich uranium and continue to stockpile it, they will have the full ability to create a nuclear bomb.”

Rep. Bachmann seemed to be parroting Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahun who tweeted a cartoon-like image last Friday that claimed, “The proposal enables Iran to develop atomic bombs and build long-range missiles to reach the US and Europe,” noted the Associated Press.

However, the U.S. has denied Netanyahun's claim and maintains that a "deal" has not even been written, but that didn't stop Rep. Bachmann from making her false claims.

“For some unknown reason the Obama administration wants the last country in the world that should have a nuclear bomb to get one,” added Rep. Bachmann. “Call your member of Congress, tell them ‘I want you to stop President Obama from giving the ability to have a nuclear bomb to Iran and that’s the bottom line of what’s happening here.’”

“It is treasonous and I think that’s why you hear more and more people calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States,” stated Rep. Bachmann.

Rep. Bachmann also blamed Obama for North Korea developing nuclear weapons in 2006 (audio below) when President Bush was in office, according to the BBC.

“Why do they want to allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, just like they did with North Korea?" asked Rep. Bachmann. "The Obama administration and Wendy Sherman in particular will have to answer that, I can’t. I don’t understand them, I don’t understand the thoughts and intentions of their heart.”

Sources:, Associated Press, BBC


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