Rep. Michele Bachmann Claims IRS May Deny Health Care, Blackmail Americans (Video)

Speaking at a Tea Party rally in Washington D.C.  this morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that Obamacare had to be repealed because the IRS would supposedly deny Americans medical coverage and blackmail citizens (video below).

However, blackmail is a crime and there is nothing in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that gives the IRS the power to deny Americans heath care coverage.

Rep. Bachmann referenced the IRS, because some of their agents recently admitted to have audited organizations that had the words "Tea Party" and "Patriot" in their names, reports RawStory.com.

“As someone who formerly worked for the IRS, I can tell you this is the largest ramp-up and expansion, both of employees, but also on an area of jurisdiction on one of the largest new entitlement programs that the American people have seen in decades,” said Rep. Bachmann.

“Who will have access to that [federal health care] database, for what purpose? Will our most personal, sensitive information be used to deny health care? Or to delay access to health care? Or could it be possible that our sensitive information could be used to blackmail Americans. Or even potentially to embarrass Americans. Again, this question would have been considered unreasonable and out of bounds a week ago. Today, this question is highly relevant.”

Rep. Bachmann said that the Republican-controlled House would be voting, yet again, to repeal Obamacare. The repeal has failed to become law over 30 times because the Senate and president must also pass the repeal.

“Many people said this issue was dead, many people have said that Obamacare is here to stay,” yelled Rep. Bachmann. “We are here as the people’s representatives, as real people across the United States to say, this issue is now revived! It’s is back on the table. We believe the heat will become so hot that even the president of the United States will be forced to repudiate his signature legislation.”

Rep. Bachmann did not raised objections to people being denied health care coverage by their insurance companies, which has often led to death, reports the HuffingtonPost.com.

According to a Congressional investigation in 2010, one in seven people with health insurance were denied coverage by their health insurers, reported Pro Publica.

Sources: Pro Publica, HuffingtonPost.com, RawStory.com


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