Rep. Marsha Blackburn Concerned About U.S. Religious Freedom, Can't Say Why (Video)

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee appeared at the South Carolina Freedom Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, on May 9 where she was asked what the U.S. should do in regards to the religious persecution of Christians in the world.

According to The Huffington Post, Blackburn said (video below):

One of the things that we should be doing here is being very strong in our stance with religious freedom in our country, and that is something that is a debate, that is going to continue, but people are, through the Bill of Rights, they're given the ability to worship and to peacefully assemble, and we need to remain true to that.

Our allies around the globe want to see us stay strong on our rights and not erode those rights. That is an important component for us and it helps in other parts of the world when we continue, when we do that.

With the human rights violations and religious persecutions around the globe, we need a State Department that is going to step in and say, "This is not acceptable."

The State Department condemned religious persecution in Iran in 2010, noted CNN, condemned religious persecution of Christians by ISIS in 2014, reported NDTV.com, condemned religious persecution of Christians in Syria in 2014, according to the Christian Post, and condemned Iran in 2012 for imprisoning a Christian pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, noted The Blaze.

Blackburn was asked if Christians are being persecuted in the U.S., and responded:

I think that we've got some issues where religious freedom is certainly up for debate and discussion, and we want to make certain that individuals have the right to continue to worship and to exercise their religious beliefs.

Blackburn was asked to name an example of Christians being persecuted in the U.S. to back up her concerns about religious freedom in the U.S., reports RawStory.com.

Blackburn stated, "You know, there have been several lately. There’ve. Um. I can’t give you a specific ... right off the cuff. I’m sorry. Thanks."

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Image Credit: The Undercurrent Screenshot


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