Rep. Louie Gohmert Mocks the 'Mating of Two Males' (Video)


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke at a Tea Party rally called "America in Distress" on July 2 in Dallas, Texas where he asked how the mating of two males "evolves the species upwards."

Rep. Gohmert started off by claiming that members of the Obama administration had "made it clear, 'You can't touch us, we're coming after religion, Christianity particularly," (video below).

However, Rep. Gohmert failed to state who in the Obama administration he was talking about.

He then launched into a bizarre challenge to people who believe in evolution, noted

"And by the way, I just ask you this question to ponder. For someone who believes in evolution... that throughout the history of the universe, and particularly Earth, that people have come together and born an offspring from different species that has evolved and given us stronger and better species, how does the mating of two males evolve the species upwards?" asked Rep. Gohmert.

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins actually answered this question in 2010 (video below) with three possibilities.

His first theory was that "gay uncles" protected the young and women while "butch men" went out hunting, thus helping to preserve the species.

Dawkins' second theory was that gay uncles were trusted by heterosexual men to protect their wives, but were actually bisexual and mated with women when the straight men were away and passed on the "gay gene."

And finally, Dawkins suggested that a gay gene might only result in outward homosexual behavior in an environment that was safe for gay behavior. If the environment did not allow for safe homosexual behavior, then the gay gene might manifest itself in a different way.



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