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Rep. Kevin McCarthy Says House Might Be 'Ungovernable'

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s seemingly abrupt decision to withdraw his candidacy for the speaker of the house position has created a potential void in GOP leadership. However, in an interview with National Review’s Rich Lowry, he suggested that the House might simply be ungovernable. 

In a phone interview, McCarthy said he realized that his election to the speaker position would have possibly resulted in a deadlock since members of the House “wanted things I couldn’t deliver.”

“I wouldn’t have enjoyed being Speaker this way,” he said.

The frequent stalemates were another reason McCarthy says he chose to withdraw his candidacy. When asked if the House was governable, he replied “I don’t know. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom.”

Would-be supporters on Capitol Hill were also facing pushback from the people they represented as well. “I didn’t want to put them through a tough vote,” he said.

For his part, McCarthy hopes Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the vice presidential candidate tied to Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, wins the speaker position. “We’ll find a Republican,” McCarthy said.

According to Lowry’s Twitter account and multiple media reports, outgoing Speaker John Boehner has also been pushing Ryan to throw his hat in the ring.

Sources: Rich Lowry/Twitter, National Review Image via Medill DC/Flickr


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