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Rep. John Mica Compares Washington D.C. Residents to 'Young Teenagers' (Video)

Almost 85 percent of Washington, D.C., residents voted on Tuesday to have their elected leaders manage the city's budget, which has long been under Congressional authority, reported

However, Rep. John Mica (R-FL) recently told MyFoxDC that he opposes the D.C. residents' desire to manage their government budget and compared them to his "young teenagers" (video below).

"Well, when my kids were young teenagers, they always wanted budget autonomy too. But we always, you know, you allow them to go their own way, and if they get out of line, according to the Constitution, the Congress has the right to step in," said Rep. Mica. "As long as they are minding their P’s and Q’s, so to say, I think the government can back off, but we must remain vigilant."

According to, when asked if Washington, D.C., leaders were children, Rep. Micah said: "No, but they have matured. We just don't want regression."

"John has been a friend and even when we have disagreed, he has never been patronizing or insulting. Therefore, I would like to speak with him. I hope he would explain or express regret," said Washington D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Congress now has 35 legislative days to review the autonomy amendment, which will become law unless Congress passes a disapproval resolution and the president signs it. No word yet on if President Obama would sign it.

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