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Rep. John Fleming's Subway Restaurant Refuses to Serve Muslim Couple

Mohammed and Talat Husain, who are Muslims, claim they were refused service at a Subway restaurant, owned by Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Husain, who works at another Subway, told “She asked me point blank ‘Are you Muslim?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I’m Muslim.’ She said, ‘We can’t serve you’ and locked the door from inside when my wife was still inside the store."

Husain and the Subway employee both called 911. Before the police arrived, Husain said the employee unlocked the door and let his wife leave.

A Shreveport police officer arrived at the Subway, where Husain was still locked in and patted him down for weapons.

Police Spokesman Cpl. Marcus Hines said that no one was charged, including the Subway employee who locked the couple in the restaurant. The police officer didn’t file a report.

Subway manager Mike Toland told "The accusations made my Mr. Husain are completely inaccurate and untrue. The reason he was denied being served in our restaurant was due to his behavior with my employee, nothing to do with his religion or anything else. We serve everybody that comes in our restaurant every day. As long as they have money, we take their money."

When asked what Husain did, Toland declined to answer because a lawsuit may end up coming out of the situation. There has not been a comment by Rep. John Fleming yet.


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