Rep. John Fleming Claims U.N. Could Ban Guns, Spanking in U.S. (Audio)


Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) appeared on Family Research Council president Tony Perkins' radio show yesterday and repeated a conspiracy theory about how the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty would somehow nullify the Second Amendment (audio below).

Rep. John Fleming also warned that the U.N. could ban spanking in the U.S., reports

In reality, the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty will ban the sales of guns to countries or organizations that commit war crimes, such as North Korea and Iran. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty does not affect the domestic policy of the U.S., according to the American Bar Association, reports

However, Rep. Fleming insisted just the opposite.

"In the case of the UN small arms treaty what that means is that if we enter into a treaty with one or more nations that in some way controls firearms, protective arms, handguns, something like that, if it’s ratified by the Senate then that has the same effect as an amendment to the Constitution," Rep. Fleming said.

"...This is a dangerous thing when it comes to the Second Amendment. People need to understand that there is an end-run around the Second Amendment that is available to the Senate and I do think President Obama and others do support this."

Later, Rep. Fleming warned about the U.N. banning American parents from spanking their children.

"...There’s another issue just to show you how broad scope this is on how we deal with our children and what control we have of our children as parents and how we may define child abuse and the responsibility of the state. That could potentially be up for a ratification of a treaty with other nations. So that if you for instance spanked your child, you could be in violation of a UN treaty and a law created as such," Rep. Fleming concluded.

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