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Rep. Joe Walsh Blames Angry Tirade on "Empty Stomach"

This past weekend Republican Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) went on an angry tirade against his constituents, screaming and threatening to eject people from the meeting.

“Don’t blame banks,” yelled Walsh, who disagreed with a constituent who correctly noted that banks knowingly cheat their investors and use campaign contributions to dominate government., an Illinois political website, contacted Rep. Walsh, who wrote in an e-mail that he was “working on an empty stomach and had a quicker fuse than normal.” 

Rep. Walsh still claims that the banks did not cause the economic collapse, but rather it was  government policy requiring all Americans to own a home (no actual policy exists).

Rep. Walsh has received $132,329 in campaign contributions from the finance industry and $18,400 from bank employees.

Here is Rep. Walsh's email to

I do these cup of joe’s every weekend, I show up at a coffee shop or restaurant anywhere in district and anyone can come meet with me and talk to me about anything. They are fun, engaging sessions, I often get people who disagree w me on issues at these events and the conversation can be very spirited. I am very passionate at these events as well as at my town halls. This was no different except I was working on an empty stomach and had a quicker fuse than normal.

The woman I had the heated exchange with was great and she appreciated how open and unusual these events are. I apologized to her for getting a bit to passionate and she smiled and didn’t mind at all. Regarding the substance rich of what I was trying to say – I’m no pal of the big banks and I wouldn’t have voted to bail any of them out. If they’ve abused their charters they need to be prosecuted fully. But they didn’t get us into this mess – goverment policy which has dictated for years that everyone should own a home got us here. The banks only followed the rules government set. And further government meddling will only exasperate the problem.


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