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Rep. Joe Heck Apologizes for Son's Racist, Homophobic Tweets

A conservative congressman's son posted homophobic and racist tweets between August 2012 and May 2013, revealed by BuzzFeed.

Nevada Rep. Joe Heck, a Republican, has apologized for his son's tweets.

Joey Heck, 16, referred to President Barack Obama in one tweet as a "f------," and a "n-----." He also posted many tweets about Mitt Romney making Obama his "slave" during the 2012 presidential debate.

His father said, "that type of language has never been permitted in our home." He has three children, Joey being the youngest.

"My son also apologizes for his insensitive behavior," Heck said. "My wife and I have addressed this family matter directly with him and he has learned from it."

Some of the most offensive tweets include: 

"If you're a guy and you cross your legs and swing your foot…you're gay."

"Crack that whip Romney."

"[Obama is only good at] spear chucking and rock skipping. The sports they do in his home country."

"Romney raped Obama."

"There are gays everywhere. Maybe that's gods way of thinning out the population because f------ can't have babies."

BuzzFeed made his tweets public shortly after they broke the news of anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic tweets posted by Tanner Flake, the teenage son of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

Flake also made a similar apology for his son, saying he was disappointed in him and that his son has apologized. 

Sources: NY Daily News, Las Vegas Sun


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