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Rep. Jeff Duncan Supports Investigating Obama's 'Validity' as U.S. Citizen (Audio)

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina) appeared on conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles' radio show on Friday where they discussed deporting undocumented immigrants and investigating where President Obama was actually born (audio below).

Wiles asked Rep. Duncan if the U.S. House of Representatives had any plans to "pursue Barack Obama's phony identification papers."

According to, Rep. Duncan laughed and answered: "Well, people shoulda voted against him in November and I'm afraid that wouldn't get to the Supreme Court where it oughta get."

Wiles quickly jumped in with his "birther" conspiracy: "But if we know they are lying about all these other things, then why not go back and say, 'Well, maybe the first scandal was a lie too?'"

"There you go, I'm all with you. So let's go back and revisit some of these things because Americans have questions about not only the IRS scandal, but also about the president's validity," said Rep. Duncan.

Rep. Duncan failed to acknowledge that on April 25, 2011, President Obama's long form birth certificate was released and certified by Hawaii's state health department.



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