Rep. Hank Johnson Calls For Resignation Of Georgia Commissioner After Racist Facebook Comment


Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia called for the resignation of a Georgia commissioner after he made a racist comment on a Facebook post.

Former Georgia lawmaker and current Newton County Commissioner John Douglas made the racist comment on a photo of a woman desecrating the American flag, calling her a “cheap street walker knee grow who lays down for white men.”

The comment was quickly deleted, but not before a constituent took a screenshot and shared it, Huffington Post reported.

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“I am shocked and appalled that a public official who represents constituents in the same county that I represent would harbor attitudes towards African-Americans – and Black women in particular – as venomous and hateful as those expressed by former Republican state lawmaker and current Newton County Commissioner John Douglas,” Johnson said in a statement.

After the comment went viral, Douglas issued an apology on his Facebook page despite initially defending his remarks to a local reporter. In his apology, Douglas acknowledged using “very insensitive racial words.”

“I am very sorry for being insensitive, but you can understand how I lost my cool when I first saw this," he wrote.

Sources: Huffington Post, 11 Alive

Photo credit: huffingtonpost.com, 11 Alive


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