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Rep. Grace Meng Attacked, Robbed in Washington D.C.

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New York Rep. Grace Meng was robbed two blocks from the Capitol Building on Tuesday and suffered several injuries.

Meng was reportedly hit over the head and robbed of her Gucci tote bag just behind the Library of Congress on Independence Street. Her left knee, hand and left side of her face were injured and she quickly sought medical treatment.

"I'm from New York! I'm a tough girl!" Went said. "So I think I can handle it."

Weng is not the first member of government to be robbed and injured in Washington D.C.

Last year, Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer’s home was burgled. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan also recalled a similar incident during his first years in office.

Ryan explained his opposition to new gun legislation because of these recurring incidents.

“This city has perhaps the most stringent gun control laws of any city in the country,” Ryan said. “But it has perhaps the greatest crime problems with firearms.”

While the number of robberies in D.C. have declined sharply between 2008 and 2011, the city has the tenth highest crime rate in the nation, with 5,712 crimes per 100,000 residents.

Sources: The Wire, ABC


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