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Rep. Gohmert Wants Gov. Christie To Get Over 'Bromance' with Obama

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), who is quickly becoming one of the most ridiculous politicians on Capitol Hill, chastised New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R) for not wanting to appoint a Republican to replace late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) as an interim senator.

In an interview on Wednesday with Newsmax, Gohmert said Christie won’t appoint a Republican due to his “bromance” with President Obama. Many right wing Republicans are critical of Christie staying in the president’s good graces and think that his good relationship with the leader of the free world will ruin Christie’s chances at a successful 2016 presidential campaign.

In Gohmert’s comment, he alluded to Obama’s visit to the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy hit, when Obama and Christie were photographed on the boardwalk playing games together.

"If he had just up and appointed a Republican replacement as he is authorized to do, do you think the bromance would continue?" Gohmert asked. "Do you think the president would come let him win little toys for him and stuffed animals down at the fair? I mean, good grief, you're asking too much. It's just too much to not want to have that kind of bromance continue."

Gohmert is even worse at sarcasm than he is at doing his job. It would be wise for him and his right wing cohorts to tone down their Christie criticism, but that's probably why they won't.

For Christie, being friends with Obama might be a tad more helpful than being friends with cranky low-tier Republicans in 2016 — after all, Obama’s the one in the White House.

Also, though Christie is “authorized” to appoint a Republican until the October special election, it would be political suicide for a moderate Republican with White House aspirations. Christie governs a blue state that hasn’t voted in a Republican senator since the 1980s, so defying the people and the Democrats (again, the party that’s actually in the White House) would be very, very dumb.

Sources: Huffington Post, Newsmax


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