Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton Blames GOP For Low Obamacare Enrollment Numbers


Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton defended the recent release of Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers, blaming the “negative propaganda campaign” run by Republicans for the low totals.

According to the department of Health and Human Services, 1.1 million people have enrolled in a health insurance plan through Obamacare. The department is 2 million short of its Jan. 1 goal, which Norton argued was the fault of 50 House Republicans who convinced constituents the law had been repealed.

“Every time the House couldn't think of anything else to do, it had a big debate on repealing Obamacare,” Norton said, “so there are millions who think it was repealed.”

Norton added that that image has been difficult for Democrats to break through.

The representative also blamed for delaying enrollment. She insisted that Americans who attempted to maneuver through the site were convinced by the glitches that Obamacare had been repealed, or that it should have been.

Despite the setbacks, Norton is confident that HHS will meet its goal of 7 million enrollments by March 31, 2014.

“We all do the same thing — last minute — and when that fine is going to kick in, you’re going to see people trying to sign on like you’ve never seen it before,” Norton said.

Uninsured individuals must obtain health coverage by March 31 of next year, or face tax penalties for non-compliance.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Fox News


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