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Rep. Diane Black Demands Background Checks for Obamacare, Not Guns (Video)

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.), who opposes background checks for guns, wants workers who are helping Americans sign up for Obamacare to get background checks.

Rep. Black told MSNBC in January that gun control legislation, which included expanded background checks, was just a "knee-jerk reaction."

During an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Witt today, Rep. Black falsely claimed that workers helping people who sign up for Obamacare, "Navigators," are asking for Social Security numbers, bank information and personal health information, noted (video below).

"They are requiring that when people take your Social Security number, your bank information, your health information, that these have people that have been qualified, not only in their learning about the system, but also that they have background checks so they don’t have the most personal information that could be let out there and used in ways that we would like our identity to be used,” claimed Rep. Black.

However, this claim was debunked back in August byForbes magazine, which reported:

To sign you up for coverage, the Navigator will need to determine a number of items:

The number of people in your family who need coverage.
Income information on everyone in the family.
Other sources of available coverage, such as through employment.

So what keeps Navigators from stealing your private information and your identity? Thirteen Republican Attorney Generals wrote a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services about their concerns. These Attorney Generals must not know the content of the Affordable Care Act, as Section 4302 outlines how data is used and protected. The requirements are the same as HIPAA, and for those who have ever accessed the health care system and needed information, you will realize the rules are very stringent. Section 1411 sets the fine for improper use and disclosure of information at $25,000. And identity theft is a federal crime regardless of where the thief obtained the information.

According to The Huffington Post, in February, Rep. Black claimed that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza killed 20 people because "he was isolated. He had a mental illness. He was playing violent video games. Unprecedented levels of violent games, music and so on."

Ironically, she opposes Obamacare, even though it will extend health insurance coverage and enable more people to be treated for mental illness.

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