Rep. David Wu Resigns in Sex Scandal; Where is "Weiner" Outrage?


Oregon Rep. David Wu announced on Tuesday that he will resign from Congress amid accusations that he had unwanted sexual contact with a teenage girl. But where is the same outrage that surrounded former Rep. Anthony Weiner, whose actions were far less serious than Wu's?

Wu's behavior had been reportedly growing more and more erratic for more than a year now, culminating in a report on Friday in The Oregonian that claimed the sexual encounter with the daughter of a long-time friend and donor.

Wu, a Democrat, reportedly admitted the encounter but said it was consensual. That is not what the girl reportedly said, however. The newspaper did not reveal details, only saying it took place last Thanksgiving weekend. It appears she is now 18 years old, although it is unclear how old she was when the incident took place. Wu, by the way, is 56. He separated from his wife last year.

On Sunday Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics investigation into the incident, which likely prompted today's announcement.

"I cannot care for my family the way I wish while serving in Congress and fighting these very serious allegations," Wu said in a statement.

Wu said he will stay on until the debt ceiling battle is resolved.

The national media has not latched onto this story as they did the Weiner scandal. Day after day headlines blared his sexting exploits, while Wu has pretty much flown under the radar. Yet there is no denying that what Wu allegedly did is more serious than what Weiner did. Even if it was consensual, which is worse -- a 56-year-old man having sex with a teenager or a man sending nasty messages and nude photos of himself to strange women?

There are possible explanations -- Weiner was a more high-profile Congressman than Wu, who was largely unknown outside the Beltway.

And Weiner is from New York CIty while Wu is from Oregon. The New York-based networks often times dictate what becomes a big story, and if it happens in their backyard they tend to jump on it, as they did in Weiner's case.

Either way, another Congressman done in by a sex scandal. Next?


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