Rep. Dave Brat Claims ISIS Is In Texas, Per A Report (Video)

Republican Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia claimed last month that ISIS was in Texas, per a report that he had heard.

Brat made the claim on Rusty Humphries' radio show during a discussion about immigration (video below).

Humphries began the segment by saying "how awful" it was that school buses from California were dropping kids off at the U.S.- Mexico border, and how the children who live in Mexico are going to school in America.

The New York Times reported in 2012 that those children are U.S. citizens living in Mexico who come into California for school and leave each day.

Brat added that "everyone's broke in Europe" and this economic tragedy was "caused by people flowing over the border."

"In our country, now, it looks like we have an ISIS center in Texas, now, it's been reported last week," Brat claimed.

He was possibly referring to the widely-debunked reports of Judicial Watch, which claimed there were ISIS camps set up in Mexico with the intention of coming into the U.S.

Brat also complained about the “2,000 un-vetted people coming across the border from Syria, the home of ISIS.”

Reuters reported in January that the U.S. was planning to allow the Syrian refugees into America after they were vetted by the federal government.

Ned Price, a National Security Council spokesman, told Reuters via email:

Our screening protocols for refugees are rigorous, continually refined, and build on years of experience vetting individuals coming to the United States from around the world. They permit us to proceed in a way that seeks to both safeguard public safety and serve our mission of providing refuge to some of the world's most vulnerable people.

A U.S. State Department official added that the Syrian refugees would "undergo additional screening specific to this population."

Sources: Reuters, RightWingWatch.org, The New York Times
Image Credit: United States Congress


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