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Rep. Blake Farenthold Wants Chuck Norris To Fight ISIS (Video)

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) told the conservative website Newsmax today that he wanted actor Chuck Norris to fight the terrorist group ISIS.

According to, Rep. Farenthold was discussing President Obama’s request for approval of an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) request to combat ISIS for three years.

“I would support an AUMF that gives the president full authority to go after ISIS any way that he sees fit,” stated Rep. Farenthold (video below).

However, later, Rep. Farenthold qualified that statement.

“Again, the problem is you gotta have somebody who is in charge. I’m not a big fan of President Obama’s, but he was elected president, that makes him commander-in-chief, so we need to give him full authority to do what he does,” added Rep. Farenthold. “Quite frankly, Chuck Norris would be the one to send in, not President Obama."

Rep. Farenthold later claimed that President Obama is not "committed to the war on terror," even though the president has bombed terrorists in seven Islamic countries, noted The Intercept.

“You’ve got a president who I don’t think is committed to the war on terror, does not realize that the threat is from radical Islam and not just a few crazies out there," said Rep. Farenthold. "The president ... I don’t think he gets it and I don’t think his heart’s behind it, and that really worries me.”

Rep. Farenthold told a federal court today in a filing that he has never sexually harassed his staffers. He is being sued by his former communications director, Lauren Greene, for allegedly making sexually suggestive remarks, noted the Associated Press.

Rep. Farenthold did say in his filing that he told his staff that he had been propositioned for a "threesome" once, but claimed that he did not recall the story for "an improper or lascivious purpose."

Sources:, The Intercept, Associated Press
Image Credit: US House of Representatives


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