Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas): House Would Vote To Impeach Obama (Video)


Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas) didn’t quite say Congress should impeach President Barack Obama, but he did tell a group of constituents gathered at a town hall meeting that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives would probably vote to do it Thursday night, according to Buzzfeed.

“I look at the president, I think he’s violated the Constitution,” Flores said in a video acquired by Buzzfeed from a former Obama campaign staffer. “I think he’s violated the law. I think he’s abused his power but at the end of the day you have to say if the House decides to impeach him, if the House had an impeachment vote it would probably impeach the president.”

“What’s gonna happen next,” Flores added. “It goes to the Senate and that’s step one. Step two is, the Senate’s got to have 67 votes. You’ve got 46 Republicans and 54 Democrats and independents. I’m not sure all the Republicans would vote for it and I know it’s gonna be hard to get another 21 Democrats to vote for it.”

Flores one of several Republicans to discuss impeaching the president—a process that has never ended with a president being forcibly removed from office. In August, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) warned the president was “getting perilously close” to impeachable offenses, and Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) made comments similar to Flores'.

“I’ll give you a real frank answer about that: If we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the House of Representatives to do it. But it would go to the Senate, and he wouldn’t be convicted," Farenthold told a constituent.

On Aug. 28, Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) reportedly said “impeachment is the answer” to President Obama, but the best solution was through voting.

“To be honest, impeachment is the answer, but that is a political problem,” Rokita said. “Ultimately [impeachment] is a political process that is very hard to accomplish. It comes back to the people. The ultimate solution is at the ballot box. The last time we were simply out-voted.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed


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