Rep. Allen West Refuses to Concede Defeat, Despite Losing by 2,442 Votes in Final Count


Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is trailing Democrat Patrick Murphy by 2,442 in the final vote count, but still refuses to concede the election for Florida’s 18th District.

Rep. West can still challenge the results and ask for a recount, but it's unlikely that a judge would grant a recount. 

On Friday, a judge denied a request from Rep. West to impound ballots and voting machines for review, reports

Rep. West's campaign manager Tim Edson, told the Associated Press: "We’re simply not going to just walk away from the race until we see that the numbers add up."

Rep. West and Murphy spent a combined $17 million in the race, making it the third-most expensive House race of 2012, reports

Rep. West swept into office in the 2010 wave election with strong support from the Tea Party.

Rep. West has made controversial statements during his two years as a congressman, including his claim that Democrats are trying to keep blacks “on the plantation" and that 80 House Democrats were communists. Rep. West also said, earlier this year, that Democrats and President Obama should “get the hell out of America.”


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