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Rep. Aaron Schock Spent Donor Funds on Massages, Travel, Katy Perry Tickets, Says Report

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock (R) reportedly spent taxpayer and campaign money on private plane rides from donors, massages and concerts.

According to the Associated Press, Rep. Schock has taken "at least one dozen flights worth more than $40,000 on donors' planes since mid-2011."

Rep. Schock told the Associated Press that he travels often "to stay connected with my constituents," and to raise funds for himself and colleagues.

Rep. Schock said that he called for a review in his office "concerning this issue and others to determine whether they can be improved."

He reportedly spent thousands on tickets for concerts, including a Katy Perry show ($1,928) in Washington D.C. in June 2014, which he took some interns to.

The Associated Press tracked Rep. Schock's travel via location data (metadata) that was embedded in pictures that he uploaded on Instagram, flight records and Rep. Schock's office and campaign records.

Ironically, Rep. Schock called whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked information about the NSA snooping on metadata, a "traitor" in 2013.

"He made an oath when he got clearance to get some of the most sensitive information about how we go after suspected terrorists, we got after suspected criminals who wish to do our country harm, and he made an oath to this country," Rep. Aaron Schock told Larry King on Ora.TV (video below).

"He wasn’t just a random employee. And when you violate that oath to our country you commit treason against this country,” added Rep. Schock.

However, there is no proof that Snowden made any oath. He was not a government employee, but rather worked for a company that loaned him to the NSA. Snowden gave the information to The Guardian, not a foreign country.

Sources: Larry King, Associated Press, MSNBC
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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