Rep. Aaron Schock & His Abs on Cover of "Men's Health"


The days of the Congressman as the fat old man smoking stogies and drinking whiskey are officially over -- Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock has seen to that with his topless photo on the cover of Men's Health magazine.

The 29-year-old Schock, the youngest member of Congress, appears with an open shirt, exposing abs that rival those of Michael Phelps. He did it so he can talk about a new fitness program "Fit for Summer, Fit for Life."

According to a report from the New York Daily News, the five-week "easy" weight loss and exercise plan is designed to help people take control of their health, as well as cut down on health care costs for the country.

He writes:

Health care may be the single biggest factor in our nation's ongoing budget crisis. Yet eight out of every 10 dollars we spend on health care is spent on diseases that are preventable; if only we took better care of ourselves.

Think of the billions of dollars we could use for better infrastructure, renewable energy and job creation. Not to mention a little more cash in your pocket!

The Republican is used to the exposure (no pun intended). In 2009, The Huffington Post voted him the Hottest Freshman in Congress, and Stephen Colbert has grilled him about his six pack.


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