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Red Light Camera Company Tries Stop Voters from Voting on Cameras (Video)

American Traffic Solutions, a company that provides red light cameras in Florida, is trying to stop residents in Brooksville, Fla., from voting on a citizen-supported referendum on red light cameras in the small town.

The City of Brooksville is also trying to stop residents from having a chance to vote on the referendum, which got enough signatures to get on the ballot later this year (video below).

WTSP reported that a law firm in Tampa, Fla., Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, has created an astro-turf group called "Keep Florida Roads Safe" that filed several lawsuits (the day it was created) in order to stop residents from voting on the referendum.

"Keep Florida Roads Safe" has sued people who gathered petitions for the referendum and the county's supervisor of elections in an effort to stop the vote.

The Carlton Fields Jorden Burt law firm will not say whether or not it is working on behalf of American Traffic Solutions, which would only say that it "supports the coalition and its efforts to promote red light safety cameras."

American Traffic Solutions doesn't have any red light cameras in Brooksville, but may fear that similar forms of democratic votes could reach other Florida cities, notes WTSP.

Brooksville reportedly makes millions in red light camera fines, but only has 8,000 residents.

"It's all about the money," Hernando County Commissioner Jim Adkins told WTSP. "Follow the money trail, find out what's going on."

Patrick and Shirley Miketinac started the petition drive for the referendum earlier this year and have gone door-to-door with other residents to get it on the ballot.

“We’re liberty-minded people,” Shirley told “Hard-working people are getting ticketed at these intersections. I have friends and relatives who can’t afford this. For some people, a $150 ticket is a week’s salary.”

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