Recreational Marijuana Sales Laws Released in Colorado


Regulations for recreational marijuana sales in Colorado are now available to the public, in anticipation of marijuana becoming legal in the state in January 2014.

The Colorado Department of Revenue released a report containing more than 60 pages of rules for how recreational marijuana should be sold and regulated in the state, according to the Inquisitr.

Colorado is the first state to legalize and regulate cannabis sales. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper approved the  legalization of marijuana throughout the state in May, setting up a taxed marijuana market for citizens over the age of 21, according to the Huffington Post.

The report, which came out last week, details how retail marijuana should be labeled for sales, giving specific guidelines for the language that must be used to describe the product and the information retailers must disclose to buyers.

The state revenue department will regulate the pot sales.

The labels and rules regarding marijuana sales in the report depict cannabis as if it is any other food or medicinal product.

According to the report, the warnings listed on marijuana products should include language such as, “There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product,” “Keep out of the reach of children” and “This product is infused with Retail Marijuana.”

Mason Tvert, the communications director for Marijuana Policy Project, said he thinks marijuana, though many consider it to be a harmful product, is relatively harmless, as reflected by the straightforward and standard regulations written for it. 

"Tobacco kills about about 400,000 Americans per year, alcohol about 40,000 Americans and marijuana has never killed a single human being in history," Tvert said. "That's not to say it shouldn't be regulated and controlled, it's just to say that while this is new and some people might have knee-jerk reactions, we need to treat the product like it is, which is a relatively benign substance that millions of adults use responsibly."

Sources: Huffington Post, The Inquisitr


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