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Recent Poll On Support For Impeachment Is Bad News For Democrats


A poll from the Morning Consult was launched roughly three weeks ago. It showed a 51% support record on President Trump’s impeachment. However, that number is now dropping. According to The Hill, a poll from November 1 to 3 showed that there were only 47% respondents who were in favor of his impeachment.

The House Democrats started an impeachment inquiry in September. Since then, only 43% of the respondents remain unchanged and opposed to his impeachment.

“Respondents who reported hearing ‘a lot’ about the House’s vote to formalize the impeachment proceedings were more likely to support the probe and support how House Democrats have managed it,” reported The Hill. They also shared that those who said they heard “a lot” regarding the issue were 35% of independents, 42% of Republicans, and 48% of Democrats.

The Morning Consult emphasized, “The Nov. 1-3 poll comes after the House’s 232-196 vote to lay out the rules for its impeachment inquiry, which is moving to a public phase following weeks of private testimony before a bipartisan audience of members of Congress. House Republicans were united in their opposition to the measure, which empowers the House Intelligence Committee to take the lead on the public-facing part of the investigation into Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.”

The New York Post presented a poll from Monmouth University on Wednesday showing 42% of registered voters who were insisting that in 2020, Trump should be reelected. Since one year ago when they implemented that question, it has gained the highest percentage of all Monmouth’s polls.

Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray said, “It’s important not to read too much into differences within the margin of error. But the fact that there is no significant change in the current results suggests that the opening salvo of the House impeachment inquiry has had little impact on the overall 2020 dynamic.”

As a warning for Democrats, following the House of Representatives’ approval of two articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton who was former President, his approval rating increased by 10 points garnering a 73% total in 1998, as reported by CNN/USA/Today/Gallup poll. At the time, CNN noted that, “The number of Americans with an unfavorable view of the Republican Party has jumped 10 points; less than a third of the country now has a favorable view of the GOP.”

Sources: The Daily Wire / Photo Credit: Google

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