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Random Rants: May 2010

More random snippets, thoughts, and opinions on issues of varying significance…..

…..a friendly heads-up to my conservative American friends: don’t believe the bullcrap that is constantly being spewed by the leftist elite about how ‘evil’ Alberta’s oilsands are. Do believe, however, that Albertans are growing tired of the slams against its economic crown jewel coming from South of the border. We may be known as the most pro-U.S. Canadians, but if you don’t want our oil, there are plenty of other countries who do…..I trust you will all join me in support of free speech on May 20th by celebrating ‘Everyone Draw Mohammed Day’….. I received my invite to this year’s Wildrose Alliance AGM, and had a wild idea: if I show up in Red Deer for the June meeting, I wonder how much support I would draw if I were to submit a policy proposal for an Alberta equivalent to Quebec’s Bill 101? A provincial English-only law would make a point, wouldn’t it? I can sense my friend Danielle (Smith, WAP leader) rolling her eyes…..speaking of the WAP, scooping Hal Walker as interim President is a positive, but again I must caution against too many more ‘…disgruntled former Progressive Conservative…’ taglines in the newspaper when describing new additions. The WAP must continue to expose the differences between the two parties, and that is becoming more and more difficult when the public sees a party of ‘new and fresh ideas’, but with the same old faces…..most underrated Quentin Tarantino movie: Jackie Brown. The more I watch it, the better it gets. Forget the Bride in Kill Bill – Pam Grier is who you don’t want to cross…..for all their complaining that blogs aren’t real news compared to their ‘unbiased and professional journalism’, newspapers seem to have no problem utilizing their own online weblog as a way to promote unfettered, unabashed bias. There is no greater local example than the Edmonton Journal’s Liberal …oops! Capital Notebook. The normally just annoyingly left of centre Notebook nearly had an orgasm over Justin (son of Pierre) Trudeau’s recent tour of Alberta. A full page spread on the do-nothing M.P. read like something out of Teen Beat, full of giggly praise but lacking in any useful information about the man whose father was, in one of his more destructive policies, responsible for devastating Alberta’s provincial economy… Irish proverb ever: ‘An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold on to a blade of grass and not fall off the face of the Earth’…..who’s the idiot who thought Jay Behar needed more face time on the t.v.?.....Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff supports the idea that our Supreme Court Judges must be bi-lingual, refuting critics by telling English Canadians to ‘…study more French.’ Here’s a better idea: end the discriminatory policy of Official bilingualism, elect our judges, and send Iggy back to Harvard. Three birds, one stone…..the Tea Party movement has now spilled over the border into Canada. First it was Ann Coulter, now it’s the average American who is teaching Canadians that it is okay to stray from the leftist status quo…..I normally don’t promote products, but I’ve just spent the past week enjoying the new Nero Multimedia Suite 10, a media editor and burner that is very user friendly. Simply outstanding…..Best chant overheard on from a British political rally: ‘Gordon Brown is Going Down’…..the Republicans are one good candidate away from stopping Obama-mania at one term. The question is who?.....the new Canadian political drinking game: watch any session of Question Period from Parliament and take a shot every time a Bloc Quebecois MP claims Quebec is getting shafted. Zero to blotto in 5 minutes flat…..


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