Presidential Candidate Rand Paul: Republican Brand 'Sucks'


In his newly released book, GOP presidential candidate, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, called his party “broken” and said that the GOP brand “sucks.”

“My Republican Party, the Republican Party I hope to lead to the White House, is willing to change,” Paul writes in the book, titled "Taking A Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics To Unite America."

“Right now, the Republican brand sucks," Paul continues. "I promised Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, that I would stop saying the GOP sucks, and I will (except for this last time). I believe the Republican Party and minorities have common ground.”

Paul has long advocated for his party to revamp their approach to winning over minorities. In his book, Paul paints himself as a less traditional Republican in terms of his approach to earning the trust and loyality of African-American and Hispanic voters.

“The Republican Party can rightly serve minority communities if we stay true to our core, be open to new ideas, and boldly profess what we believe,” he writes. 

Paul also took aim in the book at his party for the way they’re viewed from the outside in regards to their environmental priorities. 

“None of this is at odds with wanting out government to be smaller, with wanting our regulatory bodies to protect both our land and water,” he writes, adding that he has always considered himself to be environmentally conscious. “It boggles my mind to think that somehow Republicans have been branded as a party that doesn't like the environment.

“I'm a crunchy conservative and a tree hugger and proud of it,” he proclaims, citing his planting of trees and flowers at his Bowling Green, Kentucky, home as well as his childhood home in Texas.

Time will tell if Paul's new book will win over Republican voters and earn him the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

Sources: CNN, KXLY

Photo Credit: kxly.com, Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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