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Rand Paul Says He’s ‘Not Sure’ Chemical Weapons Are Any Different Than A Bullet (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday to talk about his heated exchange with Secretary of State John Kerry on Syria during Tuesday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

Paul told Fox News civilian deaths are tragic, but they aren’t a reason for the US to go to war.

While he said he is “proud” President Barack Obama is looking for “authority” from Congress, he plans to “lead the opposition” against going to war with Syria.

Paul plans to introduce an amendment Wednesday that will make the Congressional vote a binding vote.

“So this morning I will introduce an amendment to the resolution in committee and I will ask to make it a binding vote and that Congress acknowledge that this is Congressional authority and that we have the ability to grant it to the President, but the President doesn’t have the ability to initiate war without Congressional authority. That’s what the Constitution says,” Paul said.

“For Rand Paul … chemical weapons is not a reason, for you in particular, to put US forces to work?” Brian Kilmeade asked.

“I think the main reason that American forces or soldiers should be asked to put their life on the line would be when American interests are involved,” Paul said. “This means attack of our allies, attack of the United States, attack of US assets.”

“Civilian deaths have occurred really throughout the last several decades,” he continued. “Throughout Africa, throughout Russia, throughout China. We haven’t always gotten involved with civilian deaths. It’s a tragedy, make no mistake, it’s a tragedy.”

“But what about chemical warfare?” Gretchen Carlson asked. “If a Republican were in office, would you have the same feeling about attacking?”

“Civilian death is an awful thing, whether it’s done with a machete, with a sniper machine gun or chemical death, 100,000 people died in Syria and now another 1,000 have died,” Paul responded. “They’re all tragic deaths, but I’m not sure they’re different because one came from gas and one came from a bullet.”

Paul said he would filibuster a resolution authorizing force in Syria to stall, but he doubts it will be enough to stop any and all military action.

Sources: Mediaite, Politico


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