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Rand Paul On Point

In the Rand Paul interview on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, it was a decidedly long and on point interview, I am suspecting for one reason and one reason only, Dr. Paul could not stay on point.

I am sure that Rachel Maddow had other questions for the gentleman from Kentucky, however, the first question was most substinitive and one in which Dr. Paul was dancing around, I am sure the dance took longer than either participant expected.

Guests on the Rachel Maddow show,  whether in agreement or disagreement with the host(ess), are generally given a wide berth and made to feel at ease and free to state their case, correcting the host if need be. That this particular interview became this intangible dance and got worse from there. What began with a simple question, one asked to ascertain Dr. Paul's stand on Civil Rights, given the recent immigration bill in AZ, ended with Dr. Paul dissing the Rachel Maddow show and MSNBC as the 'looney left". I found this odd, Dr. Paul calling Dr. Maddow the 'looney left' when it was on this very same show that he chose to annouce his campaign.

While many exceptions will be made for Dr. Paul being a novice and this being a simple mistake, I think that one must take issue when such excuses arise. Dr. Paul was raised in a very political family, his father, Ron Paul, even making a bid for the White House. It must also be noted that he quickly realized the political damage done and trimmed his sails in an attempt to set a new course. That is political savvy, not novice.

The telling part of all of this is that by getting someone to say how they truly feel and what their beliefs are, is the only way that people will ever know or connect with their politicans. Dr. Maddow gave Dr. Paul many chances, asking him outright, if he wanted to change his statement or modify it. She repeated what he said to make sure that she was getting it right, Dr. Paul confirmed this. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Dr. Paul, one should be glad for the kind of interviewing done by Dr. Maddow.

Putting politics aside, look at the tone, the answer, and the aftermath.....that is how we determine character.


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