Rand Paul goes into the Toilet


Figuring myself more knowledgeable about toilets, lets take his misleading information about them.

Low water consumption toilets DO NOT REQUIRE any retrofitting of plumbing in the average home, including the White House.

No extra parts just a tank and bowl. (I have installed some Beautiful One Piece Ferrari Red quiet flush bowls that were also Low Water Consumption) you might have to change the Stop on one of those (move it closer to the floor).

Rand knows that, he's ............not a Plumber.........right.

If you pay more than I do for your water and you want save money, and water. The Low water consumption toilets are the way to go. Even just the simple versions without the JETS Rand Paul seems to need? Can make a difference in the amount of water used and still be effective.

Sure they don't clear the bowl when you put solid waste in them (Large Stools), on mine you hold the handle down until the bowl clears. Some folks may need a plunger which actually many toilets should come with, or a stick cause face it the old toilet wouldn't take that either.

Folks, this is one item in your house that lasts a Life time so Cheap is not always the way to go. Good quality products are available, and some, made in the USA even. Contrary to popular belief many of the Toilets made in Mexico work fine.

To make toilets flush with less water we made the exit hole at the flange smaller.

If I'm looking for toilets that's the first thing I look for. In this case the larger the hole less trouble you will have.

There are LEMON toilets! The traps on many toilets are made by hand, and only twice have I installed a defective or bad toilet. They test them at the factory.

I wont endorse a brand because that would cheapen my article. Your local plumber would be glad to recommend a brand name over the phone probably.

My advice to Senator Rand Paul is to get off the toilet, we are working on it, and we know what we are talking about.


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