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Rand Paul: End All Aid to Israel

By Brian Doherty

Pressed on CNN's Situation Room about details on his budget cut plans, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says end all foreign aid--and when pressed says that includes to Israel.

Paul touches on the lack of wisdom of funding both sides of an arms race in the Middle East, then hat-tips to Israel's role as as fountain of peace and democracy in the Middle East, but concludes that, especially when we're borrowing all the money from China, all foreign aid has to go.

It's an interesting dance between seeming critical of Israel (which he refused to do) and doing the one thing that people who get upset at those who are critical of Israel want the least out of a U.S. politician: not giving it any U.S. support.

The video. The foreign aid part starts at 4:25; the Israel part specifically starts at 5:29:



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