Rafael Cruz Claims President Obama Wants to Seize Guns Like Stalin, Mao (Audio)


Rafael Cruz, whose son is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.), recently claimed that President Obama is going to seize guns from the American people just as Russian leader Joseph Stalin and China's Chairman Mao Zedong did in their countries.

On Tuesday's “Faith & Liberty” radio show, host Dave Garrison asked Rafael what President Obama's world view is, noted RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

"I think his worldview based upon a totalitarian view of government being all powerful; this is why he is so focused on redistribution of wealth," claimed Rafael. "On destroying the exceptionalism of America, and I see it, you know, he's been pushing forever for cap and trade."

"Cap and trade is all about a global redistribution of wealth, claimed Rafael.

In reality, cap and trade laws would limit the amount of pollution that corporations could pump into the air, water and land.

Rafael also claimed that President Obama was trying to push through the ratification of the Law of the Seas Treaty because it "is also a redistribution of wealth."

However, the treaty actually defines international guidelines for corporations and the environment regarding the world's oceans.

Garrison also asked if “President Obama wants to take our guns as part of this worldview.”

“Well, of course, you have got to realize that is all about control," said Rafael. "You look at history, Stalin took out the guns, then killed twenty million people. Mao took out the guns, then killed fifty million people. Every society where government has taken the guns away from the population, then they’ve used them against the population.”

While history does record Chairman Mao seizing guns, Omer Bartov, a historian at Brown University, told Salon.com: “As for Stalin the very idea of either gun control or the freedom to bear arms would have been absurd to him. His regime used violence on a vast scale, provided arms to thugs of all descriptions, and stripped not guns but any human image from those it declared to be its enemies."

Of course, there are numerous non-oppressive free nations today that have much stricter gun control laws than the U.S., from Norway to Japan.

Sources: Salon.com and RightWingWatch.org


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