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Radio Host Mark Levin Attacks Gov. Chris Christie for Meeting with Obama (Audio)

President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) are scheduled to tour the Jersey shore on Tuesday as the once-battered coast prepares for its first summer season after Hurricane Sandy.

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin attacked Gov. Christie, who he said was "putting the nail in that political coffin" (audio below).

According to ABC News, Gov. Christie has an enormous 32 point lead over his gubernatorial opponent New Jersey State Sen. Barbara Buono (D), who is releasing ads to improve her name recognition in the state.

"The most radical president in modern American history is helping destroy this country and Christie... they are same-sex politicians. So we have same-sex politicians getting back together again. Everybody knows why Christie is doing this, he's running in a blue state and Obama wants to help him just as Christie helped defeat Romney," said Levin, reports

Sources: and ABC News


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