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Radio Host Laura Ingraham Plays 'Gunshot' Sound During Civil Rights Speech (Audio)

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham played audio of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington D.C. ceremony from this weekend on her show today, but interrupted a speech by Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) with a gunshot sound effect.

“The goal [of the march] was, as our caller said, to divide. To co-opt the legacy of Martin Luther King into a modern day liberal agenda, a left-wing agenda, progressive agenda. Whatever you want to call it. From gay marriage to immigration amnesty was thrown in for good measure," said Ingraham (audio below).

While King did not mention immigration or gay marriage, he strongly opposed the Vietnam War and supported labor unions, both progressive positions.

According to, Ingraham played a portion of Rep. Lewis’ speech, in which he said: “We must say to the Congress, pass comprehensive immigration reform. It doesn’t make sense that millions of our people-.”

A gunshot sound effect interrupted Rep. Lewis' speech and was followed by a few moments of silence. Ingraham did not say why she played the gunshot.



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