Radio Host Bill Cunningham Says Obama's Middle Name 'Hussein' is Why He's Soft on Muslims (Video)


Earlier this week, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly attacked President Obama for not using the word "jihadist" when referring to the Boston marathon bombing suspects.

Conservative radio host Bill Cunningham appeared on Fox News'  'Hannity' last night where he claimed that President Obama's "childhood practicing the Muslim faith" and his middle name (Hussein) are the reasons why he cannot slam Muslims (video below), noted

"Sean Hannity, maybe his middle name is a clue, as well as the fact that he spent his childhood practicing the Muslim faith," said Cunningham. "Of course he’s a Christian now, but we have to understand where he came from."

Cunningham later added: "He's talking about hugs instead of thugs and it's gotta change... From Benghazi to Boston!"

In the same segment, Hannity called President Obama "pathetically weak," for refusing to verbally attack Muslims following the Boston Marathon bombing.

However, even O'Reilly admitted Obama has gone after Islamic terrorists: "You can't say, fairly, that President Obama is soft on the jihad... He uses the drones... He doesn't avoid killing them when he can."



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