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Radical Islamic Files Found on Katherine Russell’s Computer?

The widow of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is in hot water with the FBI.

Yesterday it was reportedly revealed that investigators found radical Islamic materials on her computer. Also, explosive residue was apparently found throughout the house she shared with Tsarnaev.

Katherine Russell has been claiming throughout the investigation that she was completely in the dark regarding any knowledge of the brothers' plans to set off two bombs during the Boston Marathon.

Yesterday it was also reported that DNA and fingerprints found on explosive fragments at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing do not match those of Katherine Russell.

Former assistant FBI director John Miller explained the FBI's stance on Russell’s involvement in the investigation.

“What continues to puzzle the FBI about Russell is what she knew and when, if anything, Miller said. "What they really want to know from her is, you know, here's a woman who dated Tamerlan, who converted to Islam after they were married, who ... lived in the same apartment -- not a big apartment -- where bombs were being constructed and pressure cookers were being bought two or three at a time. They want to know, 'Is it possible all of this was going on concealed from you or did you know it the whole time?'"

Sources: HuffingtonPost, NYPost


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