Rachel Maddow Tears Down Republicans’ Benghazi Conspiracy Theory (Video)

The Benghazi hearing that was supposed to change everything came and went on Wednesday without bringing anything new to forefront.

Everything that was discussed yesterday had already been previously leaked to the public and scrutinized to no end. If you’re a liberal: You view this entire tragic mess as just the byproduct of bad-decision making. If you’re a conservative: It was the byproduct of ineptness. But regardless of which one applies, nothing that has been produced by any of the parties involved yet has proven that a cover-up for the sake of saving President Obama’s 2012 Precedential Elections hopes occurred.

On Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow bashed Republicans over their never-ending conspiracy theories regarding President Obama, beginning with the notion that he is purposely tanking the stock market and ending with Benghazi.

You can check the whole segment out in the video below.

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