Rachel Maddow Says Sen. Rand Paul Plagiarized Speech From Wikipedia (Video)


Sen. Rand Paul may have plagiarized his speech in support of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, Rachel Maddow reported Monday.

In the speech, Paul made references to the 90s science fiction film Gattaca, which features a dystopian world where eugenics is practiced. He compared that world to the current one as an attack to pro-choice advocates.

But, as Maddow pointed out, some of his metaphors are shockingly close to Wikipedia’s summary of the movie.

In Paul’s speech, he wrote that “in the not-too-distant future, eugenics is common and DNA plays a primary role in determining your social class."

The Wikipedia page describes the plot as in the “not-too-distant future liberal eugenics is common and DNA plays a primary role in determining social class.”

In a second passage, Paul quotes nearly word for word from the Wikipedia page when he says that "due to frequent screenings, Vincent faces genetic discrimination and prejudice.”

“The only way to achieve his dream of being an astronaut,” Paul continued, “is he has to become what's called a "borrowed ladder."

Maddow quipped that it was strange for someone seeking presidenial election to plagiarize from Wikipedia.

Sources: The Huffington Post, MediaITE


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