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Rachel Maddow: If The GOP Has Its Way Minorities Won't Be Voting Today (Video)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow warned that voting won’t be easy for minorities and other Democratic constituencies on Tuesday thanks to the GOP’s clever methods to keep them from casting a ballot.

She discussed Texas’ strict, new voter ID law, which requires voters who have no valid photo ID to prove citizenship with a birth certificate or passport, plus two other forms of ID, like a social security card or driver’s license.

The poor and the elderly have conceivable trouble meeting these requirements. Even former House Speaker Jim Wright, 90, was denied a voter ID under the new law.

Maddow said in the last few elections in Texas, Latinos and African Americans have voted overwhelmingly Democrat.

“Texas Republicans are thinking, ‘There’s got to be a way to keep these folks from voting,’” she said. “There’s got to be a way to keep them away.”

She said similar laws are being put forth in Virginia, New Jersey and Minnesota for the same reason.

She spoke with Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas) on “The Rachel Maddow Show” about how conservatives in his state are attempting to discourage minority voters.

Veasey said it used to be easy to vote in Texas, especially with a nearly two-week-long early voting period and vote-by-mail for senior citizens. He is suing Texas over the new voter law, calling it “a tragedy.”

“Republicans are seeing the growing numbers of Latinos in the state, the growing number of African Americans and they are beginning to be concerned,” Veasey said, “because they haven’t made any sort of outreach into the black community or the Latino community. So they’re trying to skew the elections their way.”

“For a state like Texas that is growing so fast, that has such a good reputation as a place to live and do business, it’s sad that now because of this law that was passed by Republicans we are known as a state that’s trying to make it harder for people to vote just so it can favor the Republican party,” he added.

“That dynamic that is at work in Texas, that is about ‘Who’s going to be allowed to vote?’” said Maddow. “That dynamic is happening all over the country.”

Maddow said the Republicans’ only hope to get Ken Cuccinneli into the governor’s office in Virginia is to make sure voters “stay home.” Almost 40,000 voters in Virginia were purged by the State Board of Elections without any instructions for those people who have been purged when they show up to vote Tuesday.

Sources: MSNBC, Raw Story


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