Rachel Maddow: ‘Elect Republicans And They Will Burn The Place Down’ (Video)


Rachel Maddow blasted Republicans for shutting down the government, claiming they’ve been trying to do this since they took control of the House of Representatives.

MSNBC host Maddow said Monday that Republicans took control of the House and were sworn in January 2011. By April they were threatening to shut down the government.

Maddow criticized the GOP Congress for being the least productive Congress in U.S. history.

She said there has been “no significant legislation since John Boehner got the speakership.”

The GOP has been “otherwise occupied” with threatening to shut down the government.

“By July [2011] Republicans had forced the first ever debt ceiling crisis in American history. We got our credit rating downgraded for that one,” she said.

“By September of that same year, Republicans were again threatening another government shutdown,” she continued. “By April of the following year more threats from Republicans of another government shutdown. By December … Republicans were pushing us over the fiscal cliff.”

In January the GOP talked about forcing another debt ceiling crisis before backing down.

“This is not an accident that just keep happening over and over again,” she said.

Maddow played clip after clip of GOP representatives promising to shut down the government when they campaigned for office in 2010.

When she played footage of a Republican House strategy meeting from 2010, applause and cheering can be heard when they say they will shut down the government if they get a House majority.

She said after a Republican conference meeting on Saturday, the GOP was “excited” to shut down the government. 

"They did not seem like they were having a somber moment," she observed. Instead they had a "palpable glee" about the shut down.

The moral of this story, she says, “Elect Republicans and they will burn the place down.”

“This is what Republicans want to do,” she said. “This is what they promised to do. This tactic, ‘let’s roll’, this tactic is an end in and of itself, and that is why there is no talking them out of it. Elect Republicans and they will burn the place down, and they will laugh while they do it and have a great time. And then what?”

Sources: MediaiteThe Advocate


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